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We offer to keep your goods in safe custody at our warehouses on a monthly rental basis, which would be more cost effective & safer than paying rent for a flat to store the goods.

Store details

Warehouses Rooms

We have designed a project on the highest technique on the board and compressors all equipment from France and Germany and use Freon gas and not Ammonia. We have 27 cool stores of sizes as follows: 14 display number 8 meters depth 9 meters and a height of 9meters. 12 display number 8 meters depth 13.3 meters and a height of 9 meters. 1 display number 8 m depth 12.8 m and height of 9 meters. We have two corridors of 56 m and width of 5 m for cooling stores. Our loader can load or unload 6 large trucks or containers at the same time. 3 of them forklift can go inside the container to load or unload at the same time

Some of the main features of our storage facility are as follows:

  • 27 Rooms ready to be stored with fresh food and packed.
  • Ready to take up to 144 Pallets.
  • Short term to long term storage options.
  • State-of-the-art hi-tech warehouses with 24 hours security, electronic surveillance, and fire detection and protection system.
  • Regular pest control, cleaning and housekeeping of the storage facility.
  • Automated storage management for easy tracking & traceability.
  • With our efficient and thorough solutions, your valuable possessions will be in good shape always.
  • Inclusive of management.
  • Excellent maintainable team.
  • best control system.
  • Forklift with an operator.
  • Truck charging point.
  • Hydraulic docking stations.
  • Electricity by company.

warehouse pictures

Some of the inside pictures